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Shop your options at Employee Services’ Fall Financial Expo

This October, Employee Services will give CU’s workforce keys to unlock financial possibilities—from comfortably retiring to finding the right student loan repayment options to credit scores—at its 2014 Fall Financial Expos.

Financial education is the main goal of ES’ Fall Financial Expos, Oct. 20-27 on all CU campuses and in the System office. As a business partner, you play a crucial role in getting the word out about all these expos have to offer, and we’ll send you more information in the coming weeks. Here’s a small taste:

The educational part:

  • Face time with financial professionals
    Representatives from CU’s investment partners will be at each expo to answer questions and lead talks.
  • Key guidance for employees nearing retirement
    We’re incorporating CU’s popular “Preparing to Retire” talks into the expos to help employees 1-5 years from retirement understand how to retire into their plans.
  • Talks to help you through two issues we know heavily impact our workforce
    Speakers will walk employees through the structure of the student loans they may have, repayment options, and how to boost or rebuild credit scores.
  • A breakdown of the two big retirement plans for CU employees
    Employees will learn the basics of the CU 401(a) Plan and the Public Employees’ Retirement Association (PERA) Retirement Plan.

The fun part:

A marketplace that gives you several chances to win an iPad
We’re turning this expo into a market where attendees can “shop” each booth. By completing tasks on a shopping list, visitors can earn spots in their expo’s grand-prize drawing for an iPad.

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