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See the streamlined process for creating positions in HCM

As the building blocks for many HCM tasks, Non-Person Profiles will be an important part of your job starting in December. They'll also save you time and work!

HCM's Non-Person Profiles accelerate the recruiting process because they require fewer data entry points and approvals than HRMS required. To help you conceptualize changes to your current workflow, we've published this handy chart on the Create/Modify a Position section of the HCM Community website.

In HCM, you'll input position and job data, job descriptions, funding and other information as one transaction instead of many. Once this package of data is approved, it feeds directly into Recruitment in CU Careers. This means less data entry for you!

On the same page, you'll find step-by-step guides for creating Classified Staff, University Staff, Faculty and Student/Part-time positions. We've recently published searchable lists of job families, codes and duties, too.

Updated step-by-step guides

We've published cleaner, more detailed versions of the Recruit & Hire step-by-step guides, including Candidate Management, Creating Offers and Scheduling Interviews. Find these guides and more in the right-hand sidebar.



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