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Salary Data Uploaded

All salary data has been uploaded into HRMS. For University Staff and 12-month faculty, all had a single row of data entered with an action of PAY and a reason of MER (merit).

Classified staff may have 1–3 rows entered. The actions are all PAY and the reasons are COL (COLA), MER (merit) and MIN (minimum). Users may see an additional payment on the compensation page for those employees who get a Non-Base Building amount. Those codes all start with NBB and reflect if it is a COLA or a Merit payment. All Non-Base Building awards will be loaded to the employee’s pay at the end of July. They will show in the paycheck as earnings code PPN (NBB COLA) or earnings code PPO (NBB Merit).

Salary changes for all 9-month faculty can now be entered. Changes will be loaded Aug. 2.

Letters to all classified staff were mailed July 10. Electronic copies of all the letters will be given to the campus HR offices.

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