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Run Contract Payment Details query, stay up to date on contract pay processes

The Fall Faculty Contracts process is almost complete. Review recent updates and next steps.


The contract renewal process ran on Aug. 24. Employee Services renewed existing contracts sent by campus HR teams after confirming August monthly payroll. Renewed contracts were updated for Wave One configurations and date changes.

Additionally, faculty election changes were processed and completed on Aug. 24. Faculty had the ability to change their payment terms to be paid over 9 or 12 months. This year, campus HR offices sent these changes to ES Payroll instead of completing ePAR forms as done in the past.

Next Step: Pull the Contract Payment Details query by Sept. 1

Run the Contract Payment Details query to validate contract calculations by Sept. 1. This query lets you verify contract beginning and end dates, contract worth, and the annual monthly and daily rates. In HCM, the query is named CUES_HCM_ACTIVE_CONTRACT_DETS

You can find it here: Main Menu> CU HCM User WorkCenter> Resources> Query Manager. 

Access additional resources and guides concerning contract pay here

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