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Revised step-by-step guides reflect CU Time updates

We’ve revised five guides to reflect updates to CU Time:

Please bookmark these URLs so you always have the most recent information.

Last week we rolled out several changes to the upload process, including an on-off switch for paying employees on the off-cycle payroll and a more intuitive way to pay employees based on earnings dates.

Important note: If you want to find and approve time from Kronos or other programs you’ve uploaded to pay out in April, conduct a search using earnings begin and end dates that fall only within the month in which employees earned that time (March 1 – 31). DO NOT search for the month in which they’ll receive that pay (April). If you search April dates, the system will return no results.

Watch this video for demonstrations of manual entries, regular earnings uploads, mass approvals and changing off-cycle status for an entire upload. 


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