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Review reminders, guides to ensure contract pay rate changes are completed correctly and on time for payroll

If you’re making pay rate changes to contracts, review the following reminders to ensure they are completed correctly and in time for payroll:

  1. Check August payroll registers. Faculty who did not make an election through the portal this year were not renewed, so ensure your faculty received their August pay.
  2. Pay rate changes must be dated as the first day of the next payroll. Once payroll processing has started, you must use the first day of the following month. This date is currently Sept. 1, 2019.
  3. When changing an academic year salary, always check the No Proration of Change AMT option.
  4. Backdating contracts does not update projected pay on the Contract Payment Details page. This will result in incorrect pay for the first month of the change, then the system will adjust itself.

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