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Review payroll registers in December to avoid costly overpayments

By the end of the year, please review your payroll registers before the December payroll run to identify, stop or pull any overpayments you’ve issued to employees.

If an overpayment crosses from one tax year into the next, you must report the funds as pre-tax income, and overpaid employees may be forced to repay the pre-taxed amount. 

You can find all payroll deadlines—including campus payroll stop/pull request deadlines—by reviewing CU’s December 2014 payroll production calendars. You may also call Employee Services payroll counselors at 303-860-4200, option 2.

If you’re unable to stop or pull an overpayment before the December deadline, you must:

  1. Notify the employee of the error and that those extra funds must be repaid, and correct the employee’s HRMS record.
  2. Notify Employee Services of the error by submitting the Notice of Overpayment Adjustment Form. ES will work with the employee.
  3. Once returned, those funds should only be deducted from the employee’s taxable income for the 2014 calendar year if they were dispersed in 2014.
    • Current employees who have been overpaid must return the tax-deducted amount of the funds.
    • Former employees who have been overpaid must return the full amount, before deductions.

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