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Review payroll registers to catch December overpays

Please review your Payroll Registers promptly during December to ensure payments are correct. 

Check your campus Payroll Production Calendar at for the December stop/pull deadlines. 

It is important that incorrectly paid funds be stopped or pulled during December, to avoid an overpayment that crosses tax years.  

Payroll counselors can advise you regarding stop/pull requests, deadlines and replacement checks.  

Items that cannot be pulled may require your department to notify ES that an overpayment has occurred.  Overpayments identified in December should be reported immediately to ES by completing and submitting a Notice of Overpay Adjustment form,

Timely review of payroll registers is especially important for December pay periods. 

Employees may not know they were overpaid, and the short time frame makes it especially difficult to notify them and recover the funds by Dec. 31.  

Employees who have left their positions with the university and their overpayment is not repaid in the same year as it occurred, federal and state taxes included in the overpayment will be charged back to them. 


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