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Resources for using My Leave

Everyone loves vacations and paychecks. Tracking leave? That’s way less exciting.

Since My Leave debuted in the employee portal on Thursday night as part of the university’s Elevate project, we’ve heard from a few people who are having trouble using it. We’re happy to help you solve these problems.

Here are few known issues and solutions:

Don’t think your balances are correct?

There’s one thing to remember: While timesheets are processed shortly after you turn them in, leave for eligible employees isn’t processed at the same time. Instead, leave is accounted for about 15 days after a month ends. For example, November leave will be processed on Dec. 18.

You can tell if leave has been processed for the previous month by looking in My Leave under the “Act/Proj” column. Finalized leave will say “Actual,” and if leave hasn’t been processed it will say “Open.”

Right now, there is a known error in the portal where November and December leave deductions in the “Adjustments” column are duplicated. Project teams are working to correct this issue. Fixes will be implemented as soon as possible and noted on the Elevate help page.

Can’t get into My Leave?

My Leave was not accessible to employees with negative or zero leave balances as well as employees ineligible for leave when it debuted. A fix has been identified, and was put in place after 5 p.m. Friday. You’ll be able to access My Leave shortly.

Don’t see a leave request you submitted before Nov. 20?

Leave requests that were not approved before the upgrade are not accessible in the new My Leave. You’ll need to re-enter your request or add it as time taken from Nov. 20 to Dec. 3 on your timesheet, then submit it to your supervisor to approve.

Please use these step-by-step guides to use My Leave based on our role at CU:

If you need additional assistance please email or call 303-860-4200, ext. 2, option 1

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