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Reported errors: Aug. 8-12

Last week we rolled out 12 migrations, including a new expert entry page that centralizes data. To learn how to use it, check out the revised Hire and Pay Rate Change step-by-step guides.

As you begin to use this new tool, we wanted to share the following known issues:

Issue: Users have encountered approval errors stating that they need to complete personal data first.
Workaround: To approve the transaction, toggle to the standard version of the transaction page.

Issue: FICA status is blank for students and faculty.
Workaround: Since the page does not default into a status, you must select either Exempt or Non-Exempt. The payroll team will ensure the status is correct before processing.

Issue: Pay group, Rate Code and Frequency are not defaulting correctly in the contract portion of the page.
Workaround: For now, please enter reappointments through the standard version of the Pay Rate Change transaction page.

Other reported errors

  • Some transaction pages are not accepting future dated rows.
  • Some transactions are missing department identification numbers.

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