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Refresh your skills with revised HCM courses

Have you taken HCM Skillsoft courses yet? Boosting your system knowledge is just a few clicks away! 

We've recently revised our Skillsoft courses to include the most accurate, up-to-date information and clearer screenshots. Even if you can't devote the time to finishing the courses, we strongly suggest you watch the demos and review the summaries of each course. 

While the courses aren't mandatory, don't miss out on this great learning resource! To access the courses in Skillsoft, click the links or follow the directions below.

HCM Skillsoft Course Key Topics and Skills
HCM Fundamentals High-level overview
HCM Position Data and Non-Person Profiles Positions and relationships to CU Careers, job descriptions
HCM Managing People and Jobs Personnel transactions
HCM Paying People Payroll cycles, calendars, MyLeave and CU Time
Recruiting with CU Careers Posting jobs and data-sharing between HCM and CU Careers

How to access HCM courses:

  1. Log on to your campus portal.
  2. Click on the CU Resources tab. (Skip this step if you are using the system portal.)
  3. Select Training.
  4. Select Start SkillSoft. (SkillSoft will open in a separate window.)
  5. Select your campus folder.
  6. Select the HCM folder.
  7. Select the title of the course and click [Launch].

Having trouble with Skillsoft? It could be your browser. 

You can check your browser compatibility by navigating to Browser Test near the bottom of your Skillsoft menu, or visit this link. For more information, read our Skillsoft FAQ

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