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Reappoint faculty for spring with new transaction, plus other enhancements

We know many of you need to reappoint faculty for the spring semester. You can now reappoint an existing contract using the Pay Rate Change transactions page. Find this transactions page in the “Smart ePAR Pay Actions menu” and use this quick reference guide to walk through the process.

If you experience any difficulties with this transaction, please email with the subject line "Reappointments."

This update is part of a new HCM release package implemented on Thursday night.

Other enhancements

Payroll Expense Transfers: We made three enhancements to PET.

  • The originator’s name is now added to the PET.
  • You may now withdraw a PET.
  • We have removed the certification step and language.

Please review this revised guide to create and submit a PET.

Percent of Time: This is now correctly updating in the position and job fields, and no longer reverting to the original entry.

CU Time: We corrected several docking issues in CU Time.

Tips & Tricks

  • Contract Pay Transaction: If you are using the Contract Pay transaction to hire or rehire an employee, it is vital to know that this form does not default to “C” for the Comp Frequency. As you complete this form, please be sure to change it to “C.” If you do not, it will not cause a transaction error but later will cause a payroll error. We are currently working to resolve this issue.
  • The comp frequency is defaulting correctly in the Pay Rate Change transaction used to reappoint faculty.

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