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Ready to test-drive HCM? Now’s your chance!

We know you’re eager to explore HCM, so here’s your chance to test it before go-live! Your testing will help improve the system as we approach go-live.

We’ve opened an HCM test environment where you can take a look at new transaction pages, review the HCM structure and navigate the employee portal. The environment contains no row-level security nor integrations, but the processes should work as expected after rollout. We’re asking you to work in the test environment to make sure we haven’t missed any tasks or steps!   

Explore the site with guided scenarios 

There are four step-by-step guides on the HCM Community website that walk through specific scenarios. Each scenario will take approximately 10 minutes or fewer to complete. We’ll provide additional guides over the next two months, leading up to go-live Nov. 3. Although you’ll have access to any available page in HCM, please remember than some functionality will not work until a later date.

We want your feedback! 

Let us know what’s working and what’s not – we value your suggestions and constructive criticism. If you run into any errors, capture it as a screenshot and upload it to this feedback form:

Logging into the site

You may log in to the environment using your current portal credentials.


Test Scripts

Sept. 10 Sept. 15 Sept. 29
  • Pay rate change
  • PETs
  • Group Transactions
  • Leaves
  • Data Changes
  • Non-Person Profile
  • Hire
  • MyLeave
  • CU Time pages


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