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Ready for the end of the fiscal year?


Start the new fiscal year with a clean slate: Review and confirm the accuracy of your department’s account statements (including payroll expense transfers) and employees’ pay records.

Some important reminders:
  • Faculty paid on 9-pay-12, academic-year contracts who are leaving CU in May must be paid for the remainder of their contracts in May 2014.
  •  If you overpay an employee in one fiscal year and the employee pays back the money in another, Employee Services can only give your department a prorated, partial credit of funds recovered through the fiscal year in which the money was paid.


If you have an employee in your department who has accrued the maximum amount of vacation, or is nearing that maximum, you will receive the second of four leave sweep reports in early June.

Leave sweep reports help you identify employees on your team who have exceeded or are nearing CU’s limit on accruing vacation. Use these reports to either correct leave report errors in the HRMS, or notify affected employees of their leave status, and urge them to use or donate their time before June 30, 2014.

Employee Services will run a full sweep of leave records after it runs the July 2014 payroll.


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