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Quick tasks to prepare for new PET and Funding Entry pages

Before HCM’s restructured Payroll Expense Transfer (PET) and Funding Entry pages debut later this week, here are a few things you should do:

Finalize PETs or hold them until Friday

  • To prevent the need for reentry in the new system, we suggest that all current PETs awaiting approval be completed by Wednesday, April 19.
  • We recommend holding non-urgent, new PET and Funding Entry transactions until the new pages are available on Friday morning.

Practice using these new pages

Training environments and step-by-step guides are still available as resources to familiarize yourself with the new pages. This secure training setting allows you to prepare and practice freely using the new pages and processes with scrambled data, so no real employee information will be affected. Learn how to access this vital training.

Register for Structured, Open Labs

It is not too late to register for Structured or Open Labs, held this week and next week across campuses. This will provide you with practical applications and answers to any questions you might still have. Register today.

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