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Query modification, new funding report streamline workflows

We've modified the Job List query and created a new funding distribution report to streamline your workflow. You can access the queries here: Main Menu > CU HCM User WorkCenter > Resources > Query Manager.

First, we’ve added criminal background check and I-9 information to the HCM Job List query. This query provides employees’ job data, such as their job code and department.

The Criminal Background Chk Dt and I9 Sign Dt values show which employees have completed background checks and I-9 forms, respectively, allowing department users to quickly verify information when hiring employees from other departments.

New to you, we've created an HCM Funding Distribution query that returns job data and funding distribution information (speedtype, fund, organization, program, etc.), searchable by employee ID, department ID and/or position number. You can also select a check box to see historical funding information. 

We hope you find these updates helpful! To learn how to run queries in HCM, please review this step-by-step guide, or watch this 30-minute webinar recording


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