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Project team: three new HCM tools set

You may have to wait another 18 months to see all the improved features of CU’s new HR system—Human Capital Management (HCM)—but Employee Services has  a quick preview of three of the system’s new functions. 

Be sure to come to the next Business Partner meeting in April to learn more.


HCM’s profiles feature expands on the job data already housed in the system by adding contextual information. 

For any given job, the profiles tool will document its educational requirements, necessary training and more.


When the org chart feature launches, users will be able to select the names of employees within the org chart to request changes right from the structure without having to navigate to job or position data, better understand the roles they play at CU, and select available contact methods to communicate with them.


This tool gives users the power to see the impact that hypothetical changes may have on their paychecks. 

If, for instance, an employee chose to switch his deductions from pre-tax to post-tax, the paycheck modeler tool can show how that change will affect his or her pay going forward.


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