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Progress continues on next round of HCM improvements

The New Year is around the corner, bringing with it a new wave of HCM improvements. Catch up on the project’s progress.

Project highlights

During the entire HCM project, a variety of teams, including the HCM Steering Committee and cross-campus team, assisted in decision-making that has guided the project to where it is today.

Recently, the HCM Steering Committee approved two releases that will encompass the implementation of PeopleSoft-delivered functionality for POI, Transfer, Hire, Rehire and Additional Job.

POI and Transfer

The removal of POI and Transfer Smart ePAR forms will be the first set of changes to take place spring 2018. This decision was based on the time needed to properly develop and test the system and train the impacted campus user community.

As a business process, POI stands alone from the other in-scope items and is considered lower risk, making the implementation process more straightforward. Transfer is contained in this release due to critical components needed for the Hire, Rehire and Additional Job processes (for example, contract pay and approval work flow). Additionally, a smaller portion of the HCM community uses the Transfer process, allowing teams to introduce and thoroughly use the functionality prior to impacting the larger processes.

Through review of available design options, the POI transaction will use delivered PeopleSoft functionality, with some customization for capturing the POI’s correct sponsor information. Transfer will leverage a Template Based Transaction (TBT) approach, helping to streamline the data entry process.

Specific feature upgrades will be released in the near future.

Hire, Rehire, and Additional Job

Hire, Rehire, and Additional Job upgrades will occur fall 2018. Teams recognize these transactions are related from a business process perspective and are critical to the operation of the university.

When the cross-campus team reviewed the volume of hiring transactions CU completes from August through September, they believed it would be important to wait and transition these ePAR forms until after the busy hiring season ends.

As system upgrades approach, frequent assessments will measure technical readiness and readiness of campus and system HCM users.

What’s next?

Over the coming months, teams will continue their work on this project. When the HCM Steering Committee has approved the official timeline for spring, communications will be made available to ensure impacted users are properly prepared for upcoming changes.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact your campus Change Manager:

Campus Change Manager Email
CU Denver | Anschutz Sharon Grant
CU Boulder Quiana Martin
UCCS and System office Lara Ackerman

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