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Preview changes to positions in HCM

Wave 3 includes changes to creating, funding and modifying positions. For full details, review the step-by-step guides on creating a position with funding and funding entry.

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Positions Changes

In this wave, the system functionality is returning to delivered PeopleSoft pages for creating and modifying positions. The current ePAR pages will no longer be used to create or modify positions.

Plus, when it’s applicable, the Funding Entry page will be integrating into the process. The Funding Entry page will open automatically when users create a position or modify a position to update a department. When users modify any field on a position, an approval will trigger but the funding entry page will not open. 

Creating and funding positions

Users can create a position with funding for the following situations:

  • When recruiting for a new hire
  • Hiring directly into a new position

Funding will be tied to new positions, so positions and funding will be linked together.

To create a new position, users should follow this path:

NavBar > CU Resources > Business Tools > HCM > HCM Community Users > Non-Pay Actions > Position > Add/Update Position Info

After selecting the Add a New Value tab and Add button, a window will populate with fields for position information. On this page, users will see a new Initialize button. This button can only be used when creating new positions.

In the event a user creates a new position that is not approved (due to a mistake in information or some other reason), they can utilize the Initialize button to clone the position they created. This allows them to make minor edits to this page without starting from scratch (however, a new position number will be created). 

When the Initialize button is selected, the following screen will populate:

Users can enter the appropriate Position Number and select OK. This populates the position data from the entered position so the necessary changes can be made.

Modifying positions  

If a position already exists but its information needs to be updated, such as the Department field, they will need to modify a position rather than creating a new position.

Users need to modify positions if:

  • Recruiting or hiring directly into the modified position
  • The position changes to a new department or the funding needs to be updated

Wave 3 makes modifying positions easier for users by combining all steps necessary to create or update a new position. They can modify positions to recruit for, or hire, directly into the modified position. They can also be modified when a position changes to a new department or when it needs a funding update.

To modify a field in a position, users need to follow this path:

NavBar > CU Resources > Business Tools > HCM > HCM Community Users > Non-Pay Actions > Position > Add/Update Position Info.

After a position number is selected, the following page will populate. Note: Because this position is being modified and not created, there is no Initialize button.

After all fields are completed by the user, they must ensure the Classified Indicator on the Specific Information tab matches the Job Code on the Description tab. If they do not match, click on the drop-down menu to select the appropriate Classified Indicator.

What happens after a position has been modified?

Different changes made to positions require different user actions.


When a position is modified and the Department field is not changed, approval workflow will trigger and a funding entry page will not open. Users can modify the position then click Save

When Submit is selected, the Position Approval workflow appears:

Funding page

If users modify the Department field on a position, funding and workflow approval will trigger. The Funding Page allows users to update the SpeedType for the position. Note: Multiple SpeedTypes may be entered, but the Percent of Distribution must total 100 percent. Click Save / Submit.

If other attributes other than the department need to be modified, this will trigger only workflow, not a Funding Page. The initiator will then be notified upon approval.


After a position is created and approved for funding, the process for hiring remains the same and users will continue to use the current ePAR Smart Form:

Non-Person Profiles (NPP)

Creating or updating a Non-Person Profile is a separate process from position creation. Users creating positions may want to create an NPP to generate job descriptions needed for posting the position for recruiting.

This function will have a new name. Formerly known as ePAR Position, it will now be called ePAR Non-Person Profile (NPP).

This function is for creating and updating NPPs with current approval workflow. Once a request goes through the approval workflow, it is written to system tables.

Action reason codes

During Wave 3, updated Action Reason Codes will be implemented into HCM. Campuses will continue using Action Reasons on existing ePAR forms. As Smart Forms are removed in future waves, more will be introduced.

The following Action Reasons will be introduced in Wave 3:

  • Demotion
  • Change FLSA Status
  • Location Change
  • Change Percent Time/Std Hours

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