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Prepare student employees for paycards

CU’s paycard program will start affecting your student employees this summer and fall. Help bring them up to speed on how they’ll receive their pay if they don’t sign up for direct deposit. You can learn more about the paycard program online, and we recommend you use the following information to guide your student workers.

  1. CU pays you in two ways:
    • by depositing your earnings into the bank account(s) you selected when you enrolled in direct deposit.
    • by placing earnings on a Brink’s Moneycard, which works similarly to a debit card. (Learn more about how paycards work.)
  2. Want to sign up for direct deposit? You can do that quickly through the employee portal’s “Payroll and Compensation” menu. Just click the “Direct Deposit” button to get started. You’ll immediately be prompted to verify your identity through CU’s new security feature. Confirm your identity by opting to receive either a phone call or text message on one of the phones you’ve listed in your employee profile. (Having trouble? See our FAQ on the multi-factor authentication security tool.)
  3. If you’ve elected to place only a portion of your pay into direct deposit, CU will issue the remaining pay to you via a paycard.
  4. If you do enroll in direct deposit, be mindful of timing. To ensure your direct deposit is in effect for the upcoming payroll, we strongly encourage you to update your account information by the deadline noted on your campus payroll calendars.
  5. If you’re issued a paycard and later decide you’d rather enroll in direct deposit, you must wait until you’ve successfully been paid via direct deposit before deactivating your paycard. This ensures you’ve been properly enrolled. You must deactivate your paycard within 90 days of that first successful pay cycle to avoid being charged monthly no-use fees.

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