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Prepare for HCM’s new PET and Funding Entry pages with structured labs

HCM’s new Payroll Expense Transfer (PET) page and Funding Entry page are launching on April 20. Our hands-on structured labs will provide you with practical applications and answers to questions you may have.

How do I attend a structured lab?

Structured labs will be facilitated on all CU campuses during the weeks of April 10 and April 17. To choose your session and sign up, view the full schedule and registration instructions.

Note: you may only sign-up for one session. 

What can I expect if I attend a structured lab?

During the lab, there will be an opening presentation covering the business processes for Funding Entry and PETs and a scenario will be demonstrated in the system. You’ll then get the opportunity to practice HCM funding entry and/or PET situations you encounter on the job.

Note: In order to use the training environment during a structured lab, you must already have access to HCM. You will have the same level of access during the lab that you currently have, and no additional access will be given at the session. If you do not have HCM access, you will not be able to enter the training environment.

What should I bring?

Be sure to bring pens and paper for notetaking and the information you will need to work on PETs and Funding Entries (speedtypes, positon numbers, employee ID numbers, and anything else that will help you practice). Step-by-step guides will be provided.

For additional details on structured labs and other Elevate HCM Training opportunities, please visit our training page

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