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Prepare for annual leave sweeps with this query

It’s time to prepare for annual leave sweeps. These will run after monthly July payroll processing and once complete, employees who exceed their maximum vacation and sick hours will lose this time.

Begin by running the Leave Sweep query

A variety of resources are available to guide you through this process. To begin, run a query for your department. This will identify employees who have exceeded their maximum amount of sick and vacation hours based on the maximum accrual date listed for the employee in CU Leave Accrual summary.

Access the query: Navigator > CU HCM User WorkCenter > Resources > Query Manager > CUES_HCM_LEAVE_SWEEP. 

After the query is run, consult the definitions below to interpret the results. Need a refresher on accessing and running queries? Review this step-by-step guide.

Query definitions
Length of Service (LOS): Length of service listed in number of months. Only state classified staff will have LOS listed in the report. Excess Sick Leave: Accrued Sick Leave (–) EE Max Sick Leave.
Max Allowable Sick: Maximum sick leave allowed as stated in State Personnel Rules based on length of service. This column only applies to classified staff. There will be no data for university staff (exempt professionals) or 12-month faculty because exempt employees’ sick leave is not swept. EE Sick Leave Adjust: Amount to be swept from the sick leave balance.
Frozen Sick Leave: Sick leave balance frozen as of June 30, 1988.

Note: Applies to classified staff only.
Max Allowable Vacation: For state classified staff, this is the maximum accrual allowed based on length of service. For university staff and 12-month faculty, this is 352 hours.
EE Max Sick Leave: Max Allowable Sick + Frozen Sick Leave. This is the maximum amount classified staff may accrue. EE Accrued Vacation: This is based on the current balance listed in the CU Leave Accrual Summary.
Accrued Sick Leave: This is the current balance for the employee in CU Leave Accrual summary. Intermediate Vacation Adjust: Intermediate vacation adjustment, known as Max Allowable Vacation (-) EE Accrued Vacation.
20% of Excess Sick: 20% of excess sick leave, which should not exceed 16 hours. Classified Staff may have up to 80 hours of sick leave if it will be swept. This is converted to vacation leave at a 5-to-1 ratio, which equals 16 hours. Final Vacation Adjust: Net value between 20% of Excess Sick and Intermediate Vacation Adjust.

Add entries in CU Time

If an employee does not have recorded vacation leave (VAC) and sick leave (SCK) taken, you may add these entries in CU Time using the exact earnings dates the leave was taken, as well as VAC and SCK earnings codes.  

If balances are incorrect, you will need to adjust the leave accrual totals. You can do this in CU Time using positive or negative Vacation Accrual Adjustment (VAA) and Sick Leave Adjustment (SCA) earnings codes.  A positive adjustment will add hours to the employee’s balance, a negative will deduct hours.

Review this step-by-step guide for assistance.

Please encourage affected employees to use their leave time or donate it before July payroll.

Use additional reports to audit leave taken

My Leave Calendar View: CUES_HCM_MY_LEAVE_CALENDAR. Use this report to search the My Leave Calendar for an employee, earnings codes or all calendar entries.

Leave Balances: CUES_HCM_LEAVE_BALANCES. This query returns a detailed history of sick and vacation leave balances and time recorded by employee ID.

Have questions?

Please contact payroll at 303-860-4200, option 2, or email

Recent Regent action

The CU Board of Regents approved a one-year change to university policy offering some flexibility for employees who have been unable to take vacation due to the COVID-19 crisis.


Regent Policy 11.E.1 notes that vacation accrual for full-time university staff and faculty on 12-month appointments may not exceed 44 days on July 1 of every year. As approved, the policy change states that employees who have been unable to take vacation due to the COVID-19 public health emergency may accrue and carry more than 44 days as of vacation leave as of July 1, 2020 through July 1, 2021.


Approval of excess vacation time is at the discretion of employees’ respective executive leadership (the president for system administration employees, the chancellor for campus employees, or designated delegates). 


Campuses are working on procedures for requesting carryover of excess vacation time and criteria for case-by-case approvals.


For more detailed information, visit this website.

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