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POI tips: best practices for effective dates

Last week, we rolled out a fix allowing you to edit POI effective dates, which lets you enter two POI types on the same day. Here’s a few tips to ensure your transaction processes successfully.

  • If you’re adding a new POI, enter an effective date that is the current or previous date.
  • If you’re adding a POI type for a current POI or CU employee, you may enter a future effective date. This processes successfully because the employee’s personal data already exists in HCM.  

Why can’t I enter a future date for a new POI?

When you add a new POI, HCM creates a Personal Data record. HCM does not allow this record to be future-dated.

For example, let’s say you’re adding a POI to start July 1. If you enter the POI transaction on June 30 with an effective date of July 1, the transaction will go into error status.

To avoid this error, we recommend entering the POI transaction the same day or later than their official start date with CU.

We hope this clears up your POI questions! 

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