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POI Mass Termination Process to be implemented in HCM

The custom processes to automatically terminate expired Person of Interest (POI) records, previously available in HRMS 8.9, will be implemented into HCM 9.2. To address changing business needs, this process will be reinstated by the end of June.

What we’re asking you

To ensure this process is successful and POI records are terminated correctly, campus collaboration is requested. We are asking that each campus department run a report to identify expired POI records and update them accordingly.

Campus liaisons should begin running reports and reviewing POI records now. 

Next steps

Employee Services will schedule the POI Mass Termination Process. The frequency and dates that this process will run are not yet determined.

More information is on the way

Specifics of this POI Mass Termination Process reimplementation, including training options, are currently being finalized. Module Teams and HCM users will receive additional information as it becomes available.

If you have any questions, we are here to help. Contact HCM Systems at

Thank you for your assistance with this process!

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