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Placing students on contracts? Review these tips, dates before you begin

Placing students on contracts this fall? Before you get started, review these important tips and dates.

Tips for setting up student contracts

  • Ensure your students are in the pay group STM. No other pay group can hold a student contract.
  • All student contracts must have the same begin dates for contract begin and payment begin, and the same end dates for contract end and payment end. This helps to avoid any ENP (earnings not paid) from being associated with the student contract.
  • Confirm the contract types are Oth/Contract.

Campus-specific contract dates

CU Boulder CU Colorado Springs CU Denver
  • AY: 8/15/18 – 5/15/19
  • Fall: 8/15/18 – 12/31/18
  • AY: 8/13/18 – 5/18/19
  • Fall: 8/13/18 – 12/13/18
Students are not to be put on contracts.

Learn more

For contract resources, visit the Contract Pay section of the HCM Community website. If you have additional questions about contract types or dates, please contact your Human Resources department for assistance.

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