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PET drill fix implemented

Sometimes drills from m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL to m-Fin PET were incorrectly returning "no data found."  This is fixed now.

These drills are available if you select the m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL EXTRAS option PET OPER ID, DATE, SEQ, and you do indeed have some PET data (payroll expense transfer).  The error happened only when drilling to FY 2016 PET's when the detail run was set to get data from more than one FY.


Catherine McCoy

It may also be helpful to note that when choosing the PET OPERID, DATE, SEQ option, if one also checks the INVOICE OR PAY PERIOD END DATE option, the pay period related to the particular row of data will display, which is very helpful for reconciling. 

Employee and Information Services

Thank you for the tip! I'm sure fellow readers appreciate any tips to make reconciling easier.

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