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Payroll queries help you validate data

What can payroll queries do for you? These useful reports can help you confirm employees will be paid accurately and on time.

You can find the queries here: Main MenuCU HCM User WorkCenterResourcesQuery Manager. For a refresher on accessing and running queries, check out this step-by-step guide and webinar recording.

Time Entry query shows approval status

The Time Entry query keeps track of CU Time entries and approvals. You’ll first enter criteria that pare your results, such as end dates or identification numbers for employees, departments and batch runs. 

To see which entries still require your approval, select the Needs Approval ONLY checkbox. Otherwise, the query will show you the approval status of entries within your selected criteria. If you find entries in Approved status that shouldn’t be, make sure to change the status to Denied and redo the entry, if necessary. The approved rows will process when payroll runs.

We recommend running the query and validating the data several times before the upload deadline. That way, you’ll catch mistakes before we process payroll—when errors are much easier to fix! 

Reminder: run payroll registers after payroll processes

You may run payroll registers the day after payroll confirms, which we mark on the monthly payroll calendars. For tips on interpreting payroll register results, read this blog post.

Then, check the data to ensure employees will be paid as expected. If you find an error, here’s how to correct it before pay day.

Queries help you stay organized and error-free. If you haven’t already, take advantage of these helpful tools.

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