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Paying employees off cycle just got a lot easier

You can now use CU’s new off-cycle time collection process to create time collection batches for late pay, one-time contracts and other payments otherwise processed through hand-drawn requests.

The process, which went into effect on Friday, July 11, is one of many improvements Employee Services has made to its special off-cycle pay processes.

Notable changes include:

  • Time collection for the weekly off-cycle process will now be available to biweekly and monthly employees.
  • Time collection will now allow you to enter earnings begin and end dates, as needed. This allows you to process retro pay and identify the period in which the hours were earned.
  • You may now use time collection for off-cycle processing rather than requesting hand-drawn requests.

For more information and details regarding this new process, see the upcoming payroll calendars, or read our original announcement.

You can also review our guidelines and FAQ documents.



Thank you for adding these weekly cycles for us to use. Our hands were tied when we lost the ability to process (most) hand drawn warrants, and this upset a lot of employees. Weekly off cycle processing allows PPLs the flexibility we need to service our departments.

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