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Out-of-state employees asked to fill out work state W-4

Beginning Jan. 1, 2018, the University of Colorado will start withholding state taxes from the states in which employees perform their work. This may affect employees in your department. That’s why we want to provide you some background in case you receive questions.

To ensure tax withholdings are accurate based on work location, we are asking out-of-state employees to fill out an updated W-4 for the state in which they work.

How will employees know if they need to fill out a state W-4?

Employee Services has sent a letter to employees with out-of-state mailing addresses, based on their mailing address in the portal.

Here what they should do to verify their mailing address:

  • Log into the portal, select My Info and choose Employee Profile from the menu.
  • Review the mailing and home addresses.
  • If they are not correct, update them by clicking on the Home Address and Mailing Address boxes. A screen will populate, allowing employees to update their information and save it.

What should employees do if they receive a letter?

In the letter sent to employees, we have asked out-of-state employees to fill out a W-4 for their home state, and mail or fax it to Employee Services by Dec. 8, 2017. You can find this information on our website.

We send emails to employees leading up to the Dec. 8 deadline if they have not acted to update their addresses or fill out a state W-4.

Contact us with questions or concerns

If you have questions about this process, please call 855-216-7740, option 2, or visit our website


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