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New temporary hourly rate component available

If you ever needed to temporarily add an additional hourly amount to an employee’s base rate, we’ve added a new component to ePAR transaction pages to help you do that.

Use the new rate code BSTHP and the description of Base Temporary Hourly Rate Add. Found in ePAR pages, this component will should only be used to temporary increase an hourly rate for an hourly employee. It is similar to the existing rate component to increase an employee’s salary by a fixed amount, with the code BASTPD.

The new temporary hourly rate component is effective Nov. 1, 2016. 

Here is an example of what the new rate code looks like in an ePAR transaction: 

Example of new pay code in an ePAR transaction

Here is an example of how this updated job row with this code looks on the compensation page:

Example of new code in compensation page.


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