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New step-by-step guide walks you through PETs

Ready to pick up another skill? Check out our new step-by-step guide on managing Payroll Expense Transfers (PETs) in the HCM Training Environment

The newest guides take you through PETs, which are used to move expenses related to Earnings, Deductions or Taxes from one Speedtype or Combination Code to another. Stay tuned for guides on MyLeave and CU Time in the coming weeks.

Practicing in the training environment is a great alternative if you can’t attend a Structured Lab session. The test environment's processes closely mimic the new system. You’ll follow test scripts to complete common HCM-related tasks, such as managing terminations, creating a faculty position and making a one-time payment.

To access the test site, visit the HCM Training Environment page, click on your campus or System and enter your current portal credentials. Once you’ve completed a transaction, tell us about your experience using this form.

Don't forget: Structured Labs run through Oct. 29. 

We’re offering 30 Structured Lab sessions across the four campuses and the system office now through Oct. 29. This hands-on, in-depth training walks you through using WorkCenters, hiring employees, making one-time payments and making group changes. To learn how to register, visit the HCM Campus Workshops and Labs page

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