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The new Skillsoft is here. Start increasing your skills: See what’s changed, take tours

The upgraded Skillsoft is here. A lot has changed, but University of Colorado faculty and staff have access to the same resources, now with a modernized interface that enhances the user experience. Learn how to navigate the new system and see what’s changed. 

What’s new?

You can continue taking required or instructor-led trainings, watching quick videos and reading books. As an extra bonus, all CU students now have access to Skillsoft so you can share resources with them.

Take a look at what's available
Over 4,000 online courses  Courses come in a wide variety of topics, from finance to Microsoft Office.
CU custom courses These campus-specific courses are designed to keep you safe and prepared on the job.
Instructor Led Training (ILT) courses Register for Instructor Led Training (ILT) courses directly from Skillsoft’s Library.
Certificates of completion Certify that you have completed a course.
Skillsoft books Choose from over 25,500 professional development titles.
Access for all CU students Share resources with student employees.
Certificates of completion Certify that you have completed a course.
Videos A visual approach to learning and sharing information.
Job Aids Continue learning with Job Aids (guidelines and step-by-step procedures that complement content presented in modules) even after you finish a course. 

See the changes for yourself

See the changes before you jump in with a guided walk-through video and virtual tours. To begin, select the faculty, staff or student tour buttons, or sit back and watch the guided video tour.

Faculty tour Staff tour Student tour

Start polishing your professional skills

Now you’re ready to use the upgraded system. Follow these steps to sign in: 

1. Log on to your campus portal
2. Click NavBar and select CU Resources
3. Select Training
4. Choose Start Skillsoft

5. Pick Library from the top of the screen and select your campus folder
6. Select a topic from Categories
7. Select a course and click LAUNCH


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