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The new portal is out now. Take a minute to learn how to navigate it.

The modernized campus portal is now available. Take a minute to see what’s new, and learn your way around with resources created just for you.

What’s new?

The updated portal brings a streamlined look and new ways to access your paystubs, time cards, benefits summaries and more.

The horizontal menu used to navigate the portal has been removed and in its place is a simplified, more responsive way to explore. 

New features of the navigation menu include:

  • A new NavBar containing the CU Resources menu, as well as a Navigator menu, allowing easy access to HCM pages. You can even use the NavBar menu to go back to recent pages you have visited, find saved pages, and access the navigator.
  • A new Global Search integrated into HCM that follows you as you navigate through different windows, letting you search for what exactly you need.
  • Modal Windows no longer populate when opening a link. Instead, you will be directed to your resource in the same window. If you want to return to the previous page, a Home button is available. 

Resources you need to know about

To help you learn your way around, we have created virtual tours and a webinar.

Online tours

The way CU employees navigate the new system will depend on whether they have access to the Human Capital Management (HCM) application. Employees with no HCM access should take the general tour. Those with HCM access should view both the general tour and HCM tour.


This brief recorded webinar, conducted by experts, highlights the major features of the updated portal. 

See the changes first-hand

See the changes for yourself. Log into your campus portal to get started.

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