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New onboarding module makes your job easier

The onboarding module is one of the new enhancements being delivered with CU Careers and HCM. This module will allow new employees to complete paperwork, learn about the University of Colorado and its campuses and understand benefit offerings prior to their first day of employment.

This is only the beginning: There are more efficiencies and functionality in this module that the HR offices will explore in the coming months to expand the new employee experience.

Please review this document, which contains visuals of what the new employee will be presented with during the onboarding session.

What does this mean for you? As a department user, you will no longer need to collect direct deposit, W-4 or emergency contact information.

What do you need to do? Hire the new employee into HCM as soon as you can, after the offer is signed. Whether through CU Careers or manual entry, the sooner the HCM hire row is approved, the faster for the new employee to get oriented with CU.

If you are in charge of collecting the employee’s I-9, the onboarding module will allow you to electronically complete the second section, and sign and submit the I-9 with attachments of document verification. The State of Colorado Affirmation form is also online and ready for an electronic signature.

We are working with your central HR offices and the IT Security offices for alternatives if your scanner/email functionality is not secure within the CU network. More information will be forthcoming.

We hope this new module reduces your data entry and paper collection, and helps streamline the new hire processing when you hire your first employee in HCM!

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