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New My Leave query displays calendar view, another query renamed

Employee Services recently released a new query related to My Leave.


This query returns detailed information about My Leave requests, showing an employee’s calendar view, excluding holidays.

Also, while the query itself has not changed, Employee Services recently renamed the following query to reduce confusion about what is being reported:

Old name: CUES_HCM_MY_LEAVE_ENTRIES - My Leave Entries

New name: CUES_HCM_MY_LEAVE_TMSHT_DTL - My Leave Timesheet Detail

This query returns detailed information about My Leave timesheets, including weekly OTM and ATS calculations as well as the override speedtype, if one was entered.

If you previously saved the My Leave Entries query as a favorite in Query Manager, you will need to re-save it because of the name change.

You can find these queries here: Main Menu > CU HCM User WorkCenter > Resources > Query Manager. Scroll to the bottom of the list and select “Click here for all.”

For a refresher on accessing and running queries, check out this step-by-step guide and webinar recording.


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