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New CU procedure outlines Social Security entry and storage policies

Here's a new task to add to your list when hiring employees or adding affiliates to Human Capital Management (HCM): Immediately enter their Social Security numbers into HCM or, if they're in the process of getting this form of identification, use CU’s standard for entering temporary ones.

This mandate, part of a new university procedural statement, is specifically important for new international employees and persons of interest (POI)—two groups of people who often don’t have Social Security numbers when they join CU.

For new employees without Social Security numbers:

  1. If they haven't yet applied for a Social Security number, ask them to complete Form SS-5 within their first 30 days of employment.
  2. Until they do receive their Social Security number, enter a temporary nine-digit number into Human Capital Management (HCM), where the first three numbers are eights, and the last six numbers represent the employee's birth date. For example, If an employee's birthday is May 1, 1962: 888-05-0162
  3. Once an employee receives his/her Social Security number, immediately enter it into HCM. You also must make a copy of the original Social Security card for I-9 purposes.

Read the full Social Security Procedural Statement for details on storing Social Security numbers in HCM and keeping documentation for your department.

And while you’re at it…

Direct all new international employees to our international tax specialists, who can help them determine and document their U.S. tax status. Until they meet with this team, they cannot complete Form W-4 (nor should you provide it to them). Learn more.

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