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Missed the Elevate time collection deadline? We have a paper form to help.

If you didn't make Friday's biweekly time collection deadline, you can still pay your biweekly employees by downloading, completing and submitting to Employee Services the new Regular Earnings Excel spreadsheet by 2 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 2.

We bumped up this biweekly time collection to avoid conflicts with the Thanksgiving holiday and the Elevate upgrade, which requires that HRMS data entry be inaccessible from Nov. 20 until Human Capital Management launches on Dec. 3. We realize this inconvenienced many of you, which is why we're providing this second opportunity to get employees' time entered into the system.

To ensure you're capturing all the employees who should be paid in this biweekly cycle, we encourage to run your payroll registers by Monday, Nov. 23.

Here's what you'll need to do:

  1. Download the spreadsheet below.
  2. Complete the required fields. You may enter data for optional fields or leave them blank if they're not applicable. (Note: Optional item columns must remain on the file; DO NOT DELETE THEM.)

    • Pay group—Enter the new paygroup for HCM (See the paygroup mapping document to determine which one your employee will be mapped to.)
    • Pay end date (PPE Date)—Use the following format: MM/DD/YYYY
    • Off-cycle—Enter "Y" as we will be processing these payments on an offcycle.
    • Employee ID (Emplid)—Enter the employee ID.
    • Employee record (Empl Rcd)—Enter the employee record number. If you are paying a single employee with multiple employee records, you will enter multiple transactions on the file (one for each employee record).
    • Earnings begin date (Earn Begin)—Using format MM/DD/YYYY, enter the earnings begin date.
    • Earning end date (Earn End)—Using format MM/DD/YYYY, enter the earnings end date.
    • Earnings code (Earn Cd)—Enter the earnings code. (You may have multiple, so a line for each is required.)
    • Hours—Enter hours that should be paid for the earnings code.
    • Additional pay shift (Addl Pay Shift)
    • Tax periods (Tax PD)
    • Tax method (Tax Mtd)
    • Benefit deduction override (For ES use only)
    • Benefit deduction subset ID (For ES use only)
    • General deduction override (For ES use only)
    • General deduction subset (For ES use only)
    • SpeedType—Include this field if you have overriding SpeedTypes to charge these earnings to.
    • Amount—Use this field if the earnings are amounts only and not hours.

  3. Review the data.
  4. Save the document in CSV format, aka, Microsoft Excel comma-separated values file (NOT XLS or XLSX).
  5. Email the file to

We'll take it from there by submitting these employees' time on your behalf and ensuring they're paid on Friday, Dec. 4.

Bookmark this spreadsheet for future use.

When HCM launches, you'll be able to upload this spreadsheet to CU Time using the Regular Earnings Load module to pay those employees who do not have access to the My Leave or Kronos systems.

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