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Manual entries with incorrect earning dates for exception time may have deducted in the wrong month

Manual entries for May exception time may not have deducted as expected due to incorrect earnings dates.

This issue affects employees who took more vacation and sick hours than available in their leave balances and whose exception time was entered via manual entry. In this case, a message informs department users that the system has generated a dock for any excess hours. This issue does not affect exception time uploaded through My Leave.

During Thursday’s campuswide call, we reported that this may have been an error related to incorrect deductions in the CU Leave Accrual Summary. After additional research, we found this issue is caused by department users populating incorrect earning dates.  

We are developing a solution so CU Time only processes the correct monthly payroll dates, and we expect to roll this out by the June monthly payroll upload deadline, 2 p.m. Monday, June 20.

Once the fix is in place, we expect balances to be correct for June payroll. To ensure balances are accurate for the Annual Leave Certification and July leave sweep process, please make any balance corrections in CU Time using the VAA and SCA earnings codes by the next off-cycle deadline, 5 p.m. Thursday, June 23.

As a reminder, we process exception time in the next month’s payroll (e.g., process April exception time during May payroll). For exception time to deduct correctly, department users must use that month’s earnings dates (e.g., 4/1/16-4/30/16) so the time applies to the correct month during the leave accrual process.

You can find additional resources on the manual upload process on the Pay Employees section of the HCM Community site. 


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