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Leave sweeps are complete, please verify accurate leave balances

In July, [DW1] the University of Colorado removed unused vacation and sick leave that exceeds employees’ rollover limits. Now that the leave sweep is complete, you’ll need to verify that the leave balances for affected employees is accurate.

One crucial point to keep in mind this year: The effect of COVID-19 and recent changes the Board of Regents approved to allow some flexibility in leave rollover for those employees who couldn’t take vacation due to the pandemic.

The amended policy (11.E.1) gave the CU president and campus chancellors the discretion to allow their organizations carryover excess leave; some chose to and others did not.

Each campus Human Resources department will receive a report detailing any excess leave hours that were removed during the sweep[RS2] [DW3] .

To verify that the remaining leave balances are accurate, you have access to two key reports in HCM Workcenter:

  • Leave Accrual Detail: This report displays both sick and vacation leave balances, leave accrued and taken, and any adjustments made. It can be run by department or employee ID.
  • Leave Accrual Summary: This report returns a history of leave balances for sick and vacation leave, and can be run by employee ID.

You can find these reports in HCM Workcenter > Resources > See list of top 15 queries.

As you review the reports and run the available queries, you will need to correct any incorrect balances by entering adjustments into CU time. You can follow this step-by-step guide to successfully make any needed adjustments.

If you have problems or additional questions, you can reach out to

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