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Leave Certification deadline extended to Aug. 27

After receiving many requests to extend the leave certification deadline, we are happy to announce the deadline has been extended by one month. The new leave certification deadline is Aug. 27, 2017.

Required by Regents Policy 11-E, supervisors must maintain leave records for department personnel and verify their accuracy each year.  Let's break down the process in two simple steps. 

Step 1: Certify balances

Share this step-by-step guide with supervisors and employees, who will certify balances in the employee portal.

Troubleshooting tips

Vacation and sick balances are updated one month in arrears following payroll. If a supervisor or employee is checking their leave certification balance against figures in My Leave, they should:

1. Set their My Leave calendar to July 2017.

2. Look at figures in the Usable Balance column. 

The Usable Balance numbers represent leave balances ending June 30, 2017. Leave is calculated one month after it is used so July leave will show up on your August Usable Balance.

3. See if the Usable Balance figures match the Leave Certification’s Ending Balance column. If so, you can certify your leave.

4. What if these figures do not match? In the following example, this is the case for the vacation balance.

Leave certification screensho

5. To fix this, add any vacation or sick hours you took in June to the Usable Balance totals (as seen below). The employee below took 16 hours of vacation in June, so she added these hours to her Usable Balance totals (190.81+16=206.81). After this adjustment, the numbers matched the totals in her Leave Certification and she was able to certify her leave.

Why didn’t her numbers match? In HCM, which feeds the numbers in Leave Certification, used sick and vacation are not taken until the end of the following month. For example, sick and vacation taken in June is entered into HCM after the end of July payroll.

My Leave Usable Balance Screenshot

Step 2: Run leave certification query

Run the leave certification query, which tracks who has submitted their balances. Go to the NavBar and find the query here: Human Capital Mgmt> CU HCM User WorkCenter> Resources> Query Manager> CUES_HCM_ANNUAL_LV_CERT.

We hope you find these resources useful! Thank you for ensuring balances are up-to-date and accurate.

Leave sweeps will run July 28

Leave sweeps will still be run on July 28, and we ask that all accrual adjustments be made using the VAA and SCK earning codes by the 5 p.m. July 25 off-cycle deadline. Find out more.



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