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Leave balance issues to undergo cleanup

Employee Services recently discovered a CU Leave Accrual Summary issue where some employee vacation and sick accruals were not reduced for leave taken.  The issue dates back to HRMS 8.9.

Employee Services will undertake leave cleanup to correct leave balance issues starting July 1, 2016 and going forward. The department will run a query for July and August leave to identify affected employees and correct their leave balances. We will notify departments of any cleanup activities.

A fix to ensure accruals are appropriately reduced for leave taken is currently in testing and is expected to migrate before September payroll.


Lynne Wells

I am aware of the leave balance that needs to be adjusted for me.  However I don't have the leave amount available and I cannot spare the 3 days of payment that it would affect.  I thought it was up to the departments to correct?  Please help!

Employee and Information Services

Hi Lynne,
Employee Services will be correcting any issues from July 1, 2016 going forward, a date was decided upon by CU leadership. While departments may choose to investigate any leave balance discrepancies prior to July 1, 2016, the decision to do so has been left to the discretion of each department.
If this is something that needs to be addressed sooner than Employee Service's cleanup in approximately late September, contact your department payroll liaison or your campus HR for assistance. 

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