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Learn, discover and achieve with the upgraded Skillsoft

In mid-June, Skillsoft will receive updates to the user interface. University of Colorado faculty, staff and students will have access to the same resources with a modernized interface that enhances the user experience. 

Learn about Skillsoft’s features

Tackle personal and professional goals anytime with online CU Custom courses, Skillsoft and Instructor Led Training (ILT) courses, online books, job aids and videos. 

Skillsoft resources available to CU staff, faculty and students
CU Custom courses Take university-specific courses that may be requisite for your job
Skillsoft courses  Learn a broad range of topics with courses developed by industry-leading experts.
Instructor Led Training (ILT) courses Register for Instructor Led Training (ILT) courses directly from Skillsoft’s Library. 
Skillsoft Books With over 25,500 titles in topics from business to technical and engineering content, your options are vast.
Job Aids With Job Aids, you can continue learning even after you finish a course. These documents, such as guidelines, checklists and step-by-step procedures complement content presented in Skillsoft courses.
Videos Not interested in taking courses or reading books? Watch short videos. Topics range from project management to design and more.

Discover what has changed

All of Skillsoft’s great resources will be hosted in an entirely new layout with exciting updates.

New names, new features
The Course Catalog is now called a Library In the Library, you will find CU Custom courses, Skillsoft courses, books, videos, job aids and more.
A Recently Viewed feature is now available Conveniently find the last course you took or resource you accessed without digging through your folders to find it again.
My Progress is now called Learning Transcripts View all of the courses you have completed, started or been assigned. Search by status, type and date. You can even view and print training certificates from this area.
ITPro Skillsoft Books ITPro delivers unabridged contents of thousands of IT and technology books and documents right to your desktop.
BusPro is now called BusinessPro From fostering employee engagement to increasing social networking skills, Skillsoft Books BusinessPro provides you access to thousands of titles addressing a variety of business topics. 
Office Essentials is now called Digital Skills Skillsoft Books Digital Skills is a collection of full-text online books that provide valuable instruction and quick answers to questions on a wide range of devices, office applications and graphical programs.

View the new look and start achieving your goals

Start advancing your professional skills. View the new format and learn how to access the updated Skillsoft.


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