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Learn all about Non-Person Profiles at second HCM Workshop

Mark your calendars for the next HCM Workshop on Non-Person Profiles, which are HCM’s version of “position profiles.” This workshop will be available on all four campuses and CU system from July 22 to Aug. 4. Learn how to register below.  

HCM Non-Person Profiles bundle job descriptions, job qualifications, competencies and other data in one neat package. These “building blocks” will help create system-wide standards for similar jobs and seamlessly connect HR systems through accurate, auto-populated data. Given the importance of Non-Person Profiles, we highly recommend you attend this session.    

What you’ll learn

Put simply, you’ll learn what’s new and what’s similar to your current workflow. The lecture portion will review key changes and benefits of working with HCM Non-Person Profiles, including templates that auto-populate position data and WorkCenters that consolidate your tasks in one place. Templates help save time and work, and also standardize job requirements and descriptions for positions. We’ll also explain how data will flow among different systems and modules.  

During the live demonstration, you’ll learn how to create new positions and handle transfers and promotions for different employee groups. We’ll also go over new approval processes designed to improve data accuracy and quality.

What’s next?

Building on these concepts, later workshops will focus on executing specific tasks, such as paying employees, performing HCM transactions and managing talent using CU Careers. You can find a full calendar of workshops here:

In the fall, you’ll have the opportunity to sharpen your skills at structured and open computer lab sessions.  Employee Services will also offer a post-training assessment to identify your areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

Ready to register? Here’s how:

  • Log in to
  • On the right-hand menu, click Training
  • Click Start SkillSoft and enter your login information if prompted
  • Click Catalog
  • Click CU Instructor-Led Training (the second folder in the list)
  • Click Elevate: HCM Campus Workshops
  • There are six training topics. Click on the topic you’d like to attend.
  • Click on the small calendar icon on the top left corner of the training window. It will open a table that displays the dates, times and location of the workshops.
  • Once you’ve found a training that works for your schedule and location, click Enroll on the furthest column to the right. You’ll be emailed an enrollment confirmation, which you can link to your Outlook calendar.

Spots are filling up fast! Be sure to sign up for additional courses throughout the summer.


Send an email to or visit to learn more about HCM training and the CU Elevate project.  

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