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Introducing Transaction Thursdays

While transaction pages are designed to streamline your workflow, we know they can be a bit tricky to use. That's why we've started Transaction Thursdays.

Each Thursday, we'll explain a common transaction, share tips for success and review common errors to avoid. Today, we're debuting a Prezi presentation that shows you the big picture. 

Reviewing transaction pages: Let's look at the big picture

The quick Prezi presentation below walks you through transaction pages broadly, the different types of data and common transaction missteps. Check out the PDF version here

Viewing the Prezi: Supported browsers

The website supports all modern browsers, but please make sure you are using the following version (or higher): 

  • Mozilla Firefox 3.5 
  • Google Chrome 21 
  • Safari 4.0 
  • Internet Explorer 9

Note: Flash version 11.1 is required.

Driving a Prezi

To navigate, use the forward and backward arrow keys to move between slides. You can also toggle the horizontal scroll bar across the bottom of the Prezi window. 

If you get lost, click the home icon on the Prezi navigation tool, which will appear on the right side of the Prezi window. From there, you can click on any part of the presentation to pick up where you left off. 

Finally, use the magnifying glass icons on the Prezi navigation tool to zoom in and out. 


Click "Start Prezi." To watch the presentation in full screen, which we recommend, press the square icon at the bottom right corner of the Prezi window. Then, press your forward key to begin.


Cathy Van Tassel

This is very helpful, thank you! However, it would be more user friendly if the embedded links opened new windows when you click on them -- as configured, it shuts down the Prezi and you have to restart it (at least in IE11)

Employee Services

Hi Cathy! 
Thanks for the suggestion! You can access the Prezi directly here:

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