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Important tasks will help employees prepare for year-end, W-2 processing

Year-end is just around the corner. To help ensure your department’s faculty and staff receive error-free W-2 forms, ask them to validate or update their addresses, verify their Social Security Numbers and complete other tasks. 

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Validate and update home and mailing addresses

Because important documents such as W-2s are sent to the mailing address listed in the portal, employees should verify that they are correct.​

Ensure you get important documents:

  1. Log into the portal.
  2. Select the CU Resources Home dropdown menu at the top center of the page and choose My Info and Pay.

    CU Resources Drop-Down Menu
  3. Click on the My Info tile.

    My Info and Pay
  4. Review home and mailing addresses. If they are incorrect, update them by clicking on the Home Address and Mailing Address boxes.

    Personal Details
  5. The following screen will populate, allowing you to update your information and save it.

    Update Address

Verify your Social Security Number

While you’re in My Info, confirm that your Social Security Number is correct. Incorrect numbers will affect W-2s, potentially causing issues with the IRS. Check yours by selecting Additional Information from the left-hand menu.

Note: Additional authentication will be requested. Once authorized, you will be able to view the Social Security Number on file. If your number is incorrect, contact your Human Resources department immediately.

Verify Social Security Number

Review your paycheck every payday

Ensure your earnings are correct by reviewing each paycheck you receive. This lessens the likelihood of having to make corrections to your W-2, which can cause delays when filing taxes. Learn how to read your paycheck.

Access your paychecks:

  1. Log into the portal.
  2. Select the CU Resources Home dropdown menu and My Info and Pay.

    CU Resources Drop-Down Menu
  3. Choose the Paychecks tile.


Prepare for a redesigned W-4 and check your tax withholdings with the IRS Withholding Estimator

The IRS has redesigned the W-4 for 2020 to increase the form’s simplicity and withholding transparency. The information on the form will be the same, but complicated worksheets will be swapped for questions that are more straightforward. Click here to learn more. To review an FAQ, click here.

In addition, Employee Services and the IRS recommend that you validate your W-4 tax withholdings using the IRS Withholding Estimator to help identify your tax withholdings and ensure the right amount is withheld from your paycheck.

Access your W-4 and use the estimator:

  1. Log into your portal.
  2. Select CU Resources Home dropdown menu and My Info and Pay.

    CU Resources Drop-Down Menu
  3. Click the W-4 tile.

    W-4 tile
  4. Visit the IRS online to use the estimator. 

Receive important forms and notices through digital delivery

When you sign up for digital delivery, you can choose to have your Form 1095-C and/or the following notices delivered via email and stored in your campus portal, rather than sent to you by mail:

  • University of Colorado Health and Welfare Plan’s Notice of Privacy Practices
  • Summary Annual Report for the University of Colorado Health and Welfare Plan and Trust, which includes the Medicare Part D Notice

Sign up:

  1. Log into the portal.
  2. Select My Info and Pay from the dropdown menu at the top center of the page.

    CU Resources Drop-Down Menu
  3. Click the Digital Delivery Options tile. 

    Digital Delivery Options
  4. After reading the agreement for your selection(s), click the Consent radio button and Submit

    For Benefits Notices Delivery, the radio button will turn gray, indicating that it has saved.

    For Form 1095-C Delivery, additional authentication will be requested. Once authorized, you can proceed. After you click the Consent radio button and Submit, a message will confirm your selection.

    Digital Delivery Consent

Watch your mailbox

Once these tasks have been completed, keep an eye on your mailbox. W-2s will be mailed by Jan. 31.


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