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Important steps to follow when entering position information, users receiving warning messages when saving changes on Position

When updating or creating positions, ensure you are entering Full/Part Time, FLSA Status, Classified Indicator, and Compensation Frequency information correctly.

Please reference the following guides for comprehensive directions on:

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Full and Part Time

Full/Part Time indicates whether the new employee you are hiring works full or part time. Be sure to check the drop down menu and set this field appropriately.

Full or Part Time Menu

FLSA status

FLSA Status is located under the USA drop-down menu. Here, you must indicate whether the employee you are hiring is non-exempt or exempt.

FLSA Status

Classified indicator

The Classified Indicator can be found under an expandable page called Education and Government in the Specific Information tab.

When setting up a new hire, the Classified Indicator defaults to surviving spouse. This is not the correct selection for all positions. Ensure you check this field and choose the correct option for the position you are hiring.

Classified Indicator

Compensation Frequency

Verify that Compensation Frequency is correct for the position you are inputting. This field defaults to a selection based on the job code used and may need to be adjusted.

Comp Frequency Page

Receiving the following warning message when saving changes on Position?

Warning Message

This issue is not due to Wave 3 (when Position was pulled out of ePAR). The message displays because changes on Position are now being completed directly in HCM rather than through SMART. When a change is made on Position, the comp frequency on Job is reset to its default value based on Job Code.

Employee Services is aware of this issue and will continue to monitor and correct mismatches through a manual process. Due to the nature of the cleanup process, it is highly likely things will be missed. We strongly encourage users to double check Job rows anytime changes are made on Position.

We will continue researching the cause of the mismatch issue and provide additional details as they become available. 

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