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Identify expired appointments or contracts using this query

Need to identify expired appointments or contracts where the employee record needs to be terminated? There’s a query for that.

You can find it here: Main Menu> CU HCM User WorkCenter> Resources> Query Manager.

CUES_HCM_END_APPOINT_CONTRACT - End of Appointment or Contract
This query returns a list of employees whose appointments or contracts have expired or will expire in the next 45 days.

The highly customized Automatic Termination Process that ran  in HRMS 8.9 did not carry forward into HCM 9.2, that’s why we built this query to help users.

The Appointment End Date field (in Job data - Employment Data) is still available in 9.2 and can be populated, but it does not do anything. There are no automated processes associated with the field. 

For a refresher on accessing and running queries, check out this step-by-step guide and webinar recording.

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