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Human Resources and General Ledger: Current projects and future fixes

Since HCM go-live, HR/GL issues— especially payroll expense transfers—have generated a lot of interest and questions. We wanted to provide you an update on what we’ve fixed and what’s in the works.

What are PETs?

Payroll expense transfers (PETs) move expenses related to earnings, deductions and/or taxes to different combination codes (speedtypes). You can enter PETs for an individual transaction or a group of transactions. To learn how to enter PETs, please review the PET step-by-step guide, and watch this webinar recording.

Most PET errors involve transaction pages, workflow or updates to Finance. We are working to shore up PET functionality ahead of fiscal-year end.

What we’ve fixed

We know many of you are concerned that PETs have not fed to Finance correctly. We recently processed all backlogged PETs and have begun monitoring new PETs to ensure they update each night.

We’ve also approved all outstanding funding distribution requests for the April payroll deadline. As of Friday, April 8, we corrected payroll accounts 444444, 430101 and 41900, and combination codes for payroll liability accounts 105200 and 000801.

Please check your funding records carefully. If you need to correct funding changes from previous months, enter a PET. 

What we’re working on

To prepare for fiscal-year end, we’re cleaning up payroll errors from previous months. This includes correcting benefits that did not pool correctly, Be Colorado Move. incentives that did not populate to a system account, and fringe transactions that did not book to CU System or CU Denver.

We’re also reviewing fringe processing to prevent future errors.  

What we’re testing

Thanks to your input, we’ve identified dozens of known issues and have begun testing the following enhancements with the help of campus testers:

  • Creating a new workflow to separate student employment PETs from grants PETs
  • Correcting the Funding Distribution workflow
  • Removing withdrawn PETs from approval worklists
  • Adding recurring payments to the encumbrance process
  • Reconciling payroll and Finance
  • Rolling fiscal-year 2017 funding so that users may enter jobs that begin on or after July 1, 2016 (This will change current funding distributions)
  • Removing fund 34 from SPA approvals
  • Changing the PET workflow so that PETs route to approvers based on speedtype, not position

We will provide more details as each enhancement migrates into the system.

What we’re developing

For a handful of issues, we’ve started building solutions with University Information Systems and/or third-party vendors. While it can be difficult to predict the timeline of development projects, we will do our best to provide you accurate resolution dates.

Currently in development:

  • Developing a batch PET to make numerous corrections at once
  • Fixing additional payments with speedtype overrides so they no longer split benefits against the new speedtype)

Added to our development list:

  • Adding project end date, speedtype description and employee name of incumbent fields to the Funding Distribution Change transaction page
  • Ensuring pay periods are reported correctly and PETs process on separate days
  • Correcting the SQL error when creating PETs using an earnings code
  • Building a tab for PET comments so that users can view and update them at any time
  • Working on a solution so that approvers are able to see all rows of the PET during the approval process
  • Correcting corrupted data in April HCM journal tables
  • Removing net zero rows in a PET (i.e. where inputs and outputs equal zero)

We hope this provides a comprehensive summary of HR/GL improvements. Please continue to follow the blog for HR/GL updates. 

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