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How we’re working together to ensure accurate Social Security numbers

Ensuring accurate Social Security number data in HCM has broad implications for the University of Colorado. That’s why Employee Services will be working with campus departments to validate this information.

To ensure accurate SSNs and keep CU in compliance, Employee Services will run regular audit reports. If there are questions about employee SSNs, we will reach out to payroll liaisons in campus departments to help confirm and update employee SSN data in HCM.

How to update SSNs in HCM

To validate an SSN, go to the employee’s Biographical Details page in HCM: HCM Community Users > Non-Pay Actions > Personal Information > Modify a Person > enter Empl ID >  Search

If the SSN is incorrect and needs to be updated:

  • Enter the correct information directly into the National ID field
  • Click Save

Thank you for taking the time to validate this important data. Your assistance and cooperation is greatly appreciated. If you have questions, please call an HCM Support Professional at 303-860-4200, option 2, or email


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