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How to collect Confidential Letters of Recommendation for CU Careers faculty searches

If it’s been a while since your last faculty search, please review this quick refresher on a few notable differences between CU Careers and Jobs at CU when it comes to Confidential Letters of Recommendation (CLOR).

The most significant change: Previously, these letters could be collected for all candidates under a requisition. Now, letters are collected for specific candidates once they’ve applied to a posting.

Let’s look at some specifics of how letters are collected in CU Careers.

Setting up a requisition

For candidates to submit reference contacts in order to collect CLORs, the requisition must be posted to the “Required for Request of Confidential Letters of Recommendation” career section.

The requisition can be unposted to the internal and external career sections. However, it must remain posted to CLOR career section for reference providers to be able to upload their letters. If it is not posted there, the candidate can still be sent the request, but they will be unable to submit any information.

Collecting confidential letters of reference

CU Careers only allows for the collection of three CLORs per candidate. In order to have candidates provide contact information for their references, they must be moved from “New – To Be Reviewed” status to “Under Review – Send Invite for Confidential Letters of Recommendation.”

After candidates have submitted three references with distinct email addresses, they will automatically move to “Under Review – Initiate Confidential Letters of Recommendation (Faculty).” The system will then send requests to the candidate’s references.

If a candidate provides inaccurate information, or if the referrer accidentally uploads the wrong CLOR, contact with the details. The information can be updated and/or the upload request email can be resent, as needed. Candidates cannot see when providers have uploaded their letters.

Reminder emails will automatically send to referrers who have not uploaded a CLOR at 15 and 29 days. Recruiters must wait for the 15- and 29-day marks for reminders to be sent.

Once all three references have uploaded their CLOR, the candidate will move to “Under Review – Letters Received (Faculty)” status.

More resources

Please refer to our Letters of Recommendation step-by-step guide. While it’s not specific to faculty searches, you may find the instructions can be helpful.

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